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Yeah, I went to the University of Minnesota and I graduated in 1992. My major was International Relations...with an economics focus and an international business focus, East Asian studies… I was all over the place! I studied lots of different things, but basically International Relations!Then I came to South Korea and I went to graduate school for an MBA, but I didn’t finish the MBA… I had some visa problems!Anyway, I’ve been teaching English in South Korea for a long time. I first started teaching in 1987! Now it’s 2012, so my goodness, almost 25 years! 2011! It’s not 2012! Almost 25 years of teaching English and I really love it.I don’t call myself a teacher, though. I like to call myself a coach. Because a lot of my students — they’re adults— their English basics are really good. They just need practice.1. graduate v. 毕业 +in 年份,+from 学校2. major n. 专业/主修3. international a. 国际的4. international relations 国际关系5. economics n. 经济学6. East Asian a. 东亚的7. I was all over the place 这里指我什么都学8. basically adv. 基本上9. MBA Master of Business Administration 企业管理硕士10. my goodness 我的天呀11. coach n. 教练12. adults n. 成人去面试前,先问问自己有没有办法流利回答以下问题:1. Which school did you go to? 你上哪间学校2. What was your major? 你的专业是什么?3. What subjects did you study? 你学习什么科目?4. What do you do? How long have you been doing it? 你工作是什么?做了多久?5. Do you like what you are doing now? 你喜欢现在在做的事/工作吗? /201502/357874。

Over a barrel 我们今天再来讲两个和over有关的习惯用语。第一个是: over a barrel. Barrel就是一只装东西的桶。那么,什么是over a barrel 呢? Over a barrel是一个人出于某种原因受人牵制,一切都得听从那个人的意志行事,别无选择。我们举个例子来看看在实际生活中over a barrel 是怎么用的。下面是一个饭馆的老板告诉我们他和他的合夥人之间存在的问题。他说:My partner wants to buy out my share but hes only offering half what its worth. Of course, he has me over a barrelbecause Im anxious to retire and go to Florida and I cant find anybody else who wants to buy.这个人说:;我的合夥人要把我的股份买下来,但是,他只愿意付实在价值的一半。我呢,急着要到佛罗里达州去退休,又找不到别的买主,所以我就给我那合伙人捏在手里,任意摆布了。;美国有不少人退休后就到佛罗里达州去生活,最主要的是那里天气好,冬天不冷,又是沿海,风景很好。有的人甚至在退休前就在佛罗里达州买好了房子,准备在那里渡过有生之年。当然,美国还有其它天气很好的地方,例如像夏威夷州,但是,夏威夷岛在太平洋当中,离开美国大陆很远,不如佛罗里达州那么方便。Over ones dead body 下面我们要讲的一个习惯用语是:over ones dead body。Dead就是死,body就是一个人的身体。Over ones dead body按字面来解释就成了在某人尸体之上。但是,实际上,over ones dead body是一个常用语,意思是:竭尽全力来阻止一个计划。我们来举一个例子。下面是一个母亲对女儿宣布结婚的消息做出的反应:You mean you want to marry this man twice your age whos been divorced two times aly? Youll only do it over my dead body!这位母亲说:;你是说你要和那个年纪比你大一倍,已经离过两次婚的男人结婚?你要想和他结婚,除非等我死了。;这位生气的母亲说的话给人一种印象,似乎美国人结婚都要父母同意。实际上,并不是如此。美国的年轻人当然一般都是自由恋爱,但是,父母喜欢不喜欢子女的选择也会产生很大的影响,而且也往往会因为父母不赞成孩子的选择而闹得家庭不和。我们今天给大家讲了两个由over这个字组成的常用语。它们是:over a barrel, over ones dead body。Over a barrel是指一个人出于某种无奈,只能听凭别人摆布,别人让他怎么干他就得怎么干; over ones dead body是想方设法阻止某一计划的实现。 /201302/226103。

You may recognise our next guest from films like Thor and the 40 Year Old Virgin.下一位来宾大家应该认识 她出演过《雷神》和《四十岁老处男》And now shes starring in the new hit sitcom 2 Broke Girls.take a look.她目前正在拍摄热播情景剧《破产花》 看一下Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me.这不是真的 这不是真的They should charge admission for this.他们应该收入场费Its Hoarders 3D,the experience.3D版《强迫性囤积症患者 大冒险》Its like going to an Imax,its MyMax.Please welcome Kat Dennings.就像观看巨幕版的 这是MyMax 欢迎Kat Dennings.You kind of ran,and then you walk slowly,like,你开始小跑 后来又慢慢走 就像I was told there were stairs,and I was like,Oh,God,no.有人告诉我那边有台阶 我就想 天啊 完了Yeah,well,there were a couple of stairs,you remember those back there?Yes.是有几阶 你记得不 就在那儿 记得And then you ran and then I thought you thought it would speed up the process or something by,But anyway.你跑的时候我在想或许你想 这样做能加速一下或者 但是 算了The stairs,Im very clumsy and heels dont do,台阶 我协调性不好 而且还是高跟鞋I dont,Im not good at them.Well,then why do you wear them?穿高跟鞋我不在行 那为什么还穿For,elongation.I see,I see.I dont understand the heel thing,but,拉长效果啊 我明白了 我不懂高跟鞋 但是Because you are this fair thing,and it works,and not,im this tall only,因为你长得很匀称 这样就好 不像我只有这么高You are this tall really?yes,Im really short.你就这么高 是 我真的很矮But they really do elongate you,you are this tall.yes,Im telling you.那确实拉长了 毕竟你只有这么高 我就说I would never have guessed you this tall.Thats why,Ellen.我从没想到你只有这么高 这就是原因 Ellen /201705/510075。

第一, 迷你对话A: If you get the best of her again, I’ll do you over.如果你占了她的便宜,我就揍你。B: Do you think you are strong enough?你以为你又很劲吗?A: You can have a try and see.你可以试试看。第二, 地道表达get the best of1. 解词释义Get the best of的意思是“占某人的便宜,享有最优越的”。2. 拓展范例e.g. Tony always managed to get the best of things in that family.托尼在家里总是千方百计占便宜。e.g. Im not your sort, who always wants to get the best of others.我可不是你那号人,老爱占别人的便宜。第三, 咬文嚼字do over:重做,再做e.g. If it was to do over again Id hug him and bless him for it.要是一切能从头再来一次,我一定会搂着他,夸他干得好。e.g. They are going to do over our apartment in the spring.他们打算春天时整修我们的公寓。have a try:试一试e.g. I know a Chinese restaurant is newly open near my home. Why not go there and have a try?我知道我家附近新开了一家中国餐馆。我们去那里尝尝吧。e.g. Wang Ping, how about we have a try of the car on the fourth ring road today?王平,今天我们一起上四环试试车,怎么样? /201602/425586。

I like what Popovich said我喜欢波波维奇说的一句话hes too naive to be nervous, here he is starting in the NBA他幼稚的连紧张都不懂,现在他就要成为NBA级别首发了Pace, voice, passion and skill场上的节奏、交流、热情和技术I just love the way Murray has attcked this game against the high quality opponent我真的很爱穆雷这场比赛进攻的方式,尤其面对如此高质量的对手Murray long strides, switches to the left hand穆雷大踏步,左手换手上篮打进Hes got Murray oh Dejounte with the hammer找到穆雷,德章泰暴扣The way hes playing he should be out there on the court, deserves these minutes他打出的水准来看,他应当多上场,值得给他这些时间Its great playing with the guys more on both ends of the floor and try to make the right plays现在我的情况很好,能和这些队友并肩作战,在攻防两端都多去做正确的事I feel like our bonds growing and growing as time is going我觉得随着时间推移,我们之间的联系也越发紧密As a point guard you wanna be you know, best friend with your head coach作为一名控卫,你懂得,总想和教练做最好的朋友and I feel like we are going in the right direction我觉得我们走在正轨上They are so excited about the future with this guy他们对这小子的未来十分激动Who? They are? We all are, But he sees him, cares about the Spurs just going: yea give me more of that谁?只有他们?我们都很激动啊!但一个人看见他,如果这个人是马刺球迷,绝对会说:“这样的年轻人再来几个好不好”NBA ROOKS: follow the class of 2016 all season longNBA新秀报告:赛季全程,跟踪报道2016新秀情况更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201702/492926。

关键词:great white hope 在特定领域被寄予厚望的人或事短语释义:今天我们要学的习语是great white hope。字面意思是“伟大的白人的希望”,今天的插图也暗示了这个习语的来源,great white hope起源于起源于20世纪初的拳击比赛,当时一位重量级拳击冠军Jack Johnson是一位黑人,他几乎所向披靡,无所不胜,而每一个可能击败他的白人对手就被形容为great white hope。这个词语通过一部百老汇话剧和电影得到推广,后来great white hope词义扩大,不仅仅指白人中被寄予厚望获得拳击比赛胜利的人,还用来指每一个人被寄予厚望的人。英文释义是someone (or something) expected to achieve great success in a given field,在特定领域被寄予厚望的人或事。情景领悟:1. The great white hope for the German aircraft industry was the European airbus.德国飞机制造业的巨大希望就是“欧洲空中客车”公司。aircraft industry 飞机制造工业 airbus 空中客车2. He is only thirty0two, but he’s one of the great white hopes of the film industry.他年仅32岁,却是电影业大有希望的人之一。本节目属 /201307/247083。

1. Stop flattering me like that. 别再那样拍我马屁。 Flatter:奉承,巴结2. I don't like Peter. He's such a brown-noser. 我不喜欢彼得。他真是个马屁精。 brown-noser:拍马屁的人3. I know he's trying to butter me up, but I'm not buying it.我知道他想要拍我马屁,但我才不吃那一套。 butter sb up:巴结某人not buying it:不吃那一套4. In order to get the promotion, she kept apple-polishing the manager.为了升迁,她一直在拍经理的马屁。 apple-polish:巴结,奉承 /201107/146182。

可可网友们,大家好。似乎有一部偶像剧名字叫《转角遇到爱》。路要是拐了弯儿,后面是什么情况真无法预测。你可能遇到的是;爱;,是意想不到的风景,也可能会遇到图片中的情况。这是一个小漫画。图片中的两个人在谈论什么呢?穿黑衣的人自信满满的说:Mark my words, things will be better once wersquo;ve turned the corner. 我们先不说turn the corner的含义,但是,句子的前半部分说的是一旦turn the corner,情况会变好。可图片中的corner却藏着一个持抢劫犯。看来所说的和实际完全相反。让这句话有了讽刺意味。Turn the corner,并不单纯指拐弯儿,而是常用它的引申含义;转危为安;渡过难关;。像漫画中的那句话,意思就是;一旦我们度过难关,情况就会好转。;我们再来看一个小对话,打算放弃钢琴学习的孩子和母亲的对话。Son:Mum, I donrsquo;t really want to go on with the piano. Maybe Irsquo;m not the material. 妈妈,我不是太想继续弹钢琴了。可能我不是那块料吧。Mum: I know itrsquo;s not easy and yoursquo;ve entered a bottleneck period. You can make your choice. But I really hope that you can turn the corner and make it eventually. 我知道这不容易,你也进入了瓶颈期。你可以自己做决定。但我真的是非常希望你能走出困境,最终有所突破。再来看一个小对话吧。一个领班来到一个工人面前,问道:A: Whatrsquo;s wrong? Why do you stop? 发生什么事儿了?你怎么停下来了?B: I told them my problems. And everyone said, ;Just wait, yoursquo;ll turn the corner, give it some time.; So, Irsquo;m waiting. 我告诉了他们我的境况,每个人都说:;等等吧,等等就会走出困境。多给点时间。;所以,我在这儿等呢。不晓得这个工人是真幽默,还是真的发傻了。好了,不管转角那头的情况是怎么样的,我们无法掌控(中间停顿了几次,连一下就行了),那就经营好转角这边的生活吧。我们下期再见吧。 /201201/167549。